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So with the ability to group subreddits here's a few on photography related items I threw together.  Don't let the use of pδrn in the section names there scare you if you're browsing at work.

In this context it's just a euphemism for the desirability of the subject matter which isn't actually pδrn (e.g. "landscapepδrn" is just really amazing photo's of landscapes).  Generally if anything actually is of a mature/nsfw nature its marked as such e.g. "nsfw".

(Note, used the greek symbol for 'delta' δ as the o's above simply to avoid the site getting listed in a bunch of pδrn related search results or blocked by site filters. Hilariously I'm aparently not the only one because if you search for it spelled like that results do turn up mainly in sites that like mine don't want to be listed as such from first glance.) Sealed

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