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07/16/2014 | Categories:

{Edited 7/19} So I went about the semi laborius task of redoing the site design, adding some icons, changing the font and layout.  Basically I just wanted to make it a bit more mobile friendly while still keeping the same look and feel.  I like the results so far though I'm still working on some scaling issues (if you browse in vertical on your phone things get a bit stretched but are still functional and appear fine).

I haven't done many updates to the design simply because editing the galleries takes a bit more effort as it's all handled through ZenPhoto.  So any changes to them have me digging into php and the theme's css related files.  Results were acceptable for now though and I hope to stick with this layout for some time. 

Adding the icons was a nice touch (they were quick and easy png's in Gimp) just to make the links they sit astride more visible.

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