New Layout and new link!

01/31/2016 | Categories:

So as you can probably already see I've updated the layout and look of the site again.  I like this one much better as it conforms better across browsers/resolutions and mobile versus desktop so hopefully it sticks around.  At least until I get bored with it and feel like tinkering with the css and php again.

Also I realized I was linking my Facebook 'wrong' in a sense so I created a landing page for the site on there as well, basically a place to post updates and the like rather than on my regular page. is the new 'home' of the site at least in terms of social network 'presence'.

Anyway look for me to find a good way to offer prints on my work in the coming months, as I'm hoping to at least make some piggy bank cash to sock away for upgrades over time... I hope. 

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