I'm terrible at updating, and titles.

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So I know I'm terrible at updating the site and updating this 'blog' as it were but generally I only really want to post when I've got good content really so sometimes I spend days agonizing in post about "does this look right?" or "were these the colors I saw?"


I've been having some issues with horizon lineups BUT I believe it's due to me using back button focus on the AE/Lock button instead of the shutter release.  My thumb being there poking me in the forehead is causing me to back away from the eyepiece again (happened on the d3100 somewhat too) so I picked up an eyecup to place over the viewfinder to back my face away a bit when using back focus.  Should help as the last one I had though it broke fairly soon did exactly this.  (This time I ordered two!)


From a post on /r/photography on Reddit, I saw this video from PBS News Hour, and I hope someday to be 80+ and shooting still.  Really does remind me it's not about sharp/focused images with the latest gear, as it really is what the images convey and what story they tell us.

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