Weekend update and Instagram [news]

11/11/2018 | Categories:

Weekend update with some of the photo's I didn't get to uploading on the various social platforms. 

Speaking of social platforms I've updated and re-energized my Instagram.  If for no other reason than it's kind of amusing applying filters for no good reason.  Still working on tagging things so they get at least some views.  I'm going a bit crazy keeping up with everything (this site, twitter, facebook etc), but I'm getting a grasp on socializing my photo's to widen the audience a (...)

Where have I been? [news]

10/27/2018 | Categories:


I started this site back in 2012 or so just as a way to have better control over display of my photos but also to stay fresh with CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL etc.  (Ok less so the latter two as they're handled by Zen-Photo but still I dabble!).  Two years ago in March of 2016 I generally stopped updating the site. 

I wish I could say why, and that I could explain everything going on at the time but it'd just be too much detail.  I will say this though, Chantix (the quit smoking (...)

New Layout and new link! [news]

01/31/2016 | Categories:

So as you can probably already see I've updated the layout and look of the site again.  I like this one much better as it conforms better across browsers/resolutions and mobile versus desktop so hopefully it sticks around.  At least until I get bored with it and feel like tinkering with the css and php again.

Also I realized I was linking my Facebook 'wrong' in a sense so I created a landing page for the site on there as well, basically a place to post updates and the like rather (...)

I'm terrible at updating, and titles. [news]

01/16/2016 | Categories:

So I know I'm terrible at updating the site and updating this 'blog' as it were but generally I only really want to post when I've got good content really so sometimes I spend days agonizing in post about "does this look right?" or "were these the colors I saw?"


I've been having some issues with horizon lineups BUT I believe it's due to me using back button focus on the AE/Lock button instead of the shutter release.  My thumb being there poking me in the forehead is causing (...)

New hardware! [news]

Was feeling in a bit of a slump lately, found myself though in a position to acquire a good but used D7100 D7000 (body).  With it and the new Tamron 18-200 and my other various F-Mount Lenses, I've refound a joy in photography I was starting miss by hitting the limits of where I could go with the 3100 (a fine camera mind you!).

Hoping now to make updates and uploads a more common practice as well.  I was sorely behind these last two (...)

Site redecoration [news]

07/16/2014 | Categories:

{Edited 7/19} So I went about the semi laborius task of redoing the site design, adding some icons, changing the font and layout.  Basically I just wanted to make it a bit more mobile friendly while still keeping the same look and feel.  I like the results so far though I'm still working on some scaling issues (if you browse in vertical on your phone things get a bit stretched but are still functional and appear fine).

I haven't done many updates to the design simply because editing (...)

Site revamp part deux. [news]

09/01/2013 | Categories:

Have gone over the main page layout a bit and design, added a link to my Flickr 'badge' as well.

Site navigation revamp. [news]

04/28/2013 | Categories:

Along with a site appearence revamp I've also redone the navigation on the main page of the site as well as started to utilize these news pages as well as the image archive that Zenphoto has.