I'm terrible at updating, and titles. [news]

01/16/2016 | Categories:

So I know I'm terrible at updating the site and updating this 'blog' as it were but generally I only really want to post when I've got good content really so sometimes I spend days agonizing in post about "does this look right?" or "were these the colors I saw?"


I've been having some issues with horizon lineups BUT I believe it's due to me using back button focus on the AE/Lock button instead of the shutter release.  My thumb being there poking me in the forehead is causing (...)

New hardware! [news]

Was feeling in a bit of a slump lately, found myself though in a position to acquire a good but used D7100 D7000 (body).  With it and the new Tamron 18-200 and my other various F-Mount Lenses, I've refound a joy in photography I was starting miss by hitting the limits of where I could go with the 3100 (a fine camera mind you!).

Hoping now to make updates and uploads a more common practice as well.  I was sorely behind these last two (...)

Spring Cleaning! [news]

04/09/2015 | Categories:

Well winter's finally getting over with, the snow's all melted for the most part.

Hoping to get out much more often but I've also ordered several components to allow me to shoot indoors more readily.  Some off camera flash equipment and stands et al.  Hopefully it allows me to expand my ability to shoot at home on the bad weather days when going out just isn't in the cards.  Here's a short list, I'll probably update with links later.

- Battery pack
- Tripod umbrella (...)

41 Megapixels, but does it work. [news]

04/20/2014 | Categories:

So for work I received a Nokia Lumia 1020 (yes it's the yellow one), you know the one with the '41MP' (round) sensor.  So far I've taken a few shots with it but have not really mucked with the large format files. You have to use the built in Nokia camera app to have it take one, it creates a basic 10mp jpg and a super huge 7000/4000 'hi res' jpg as well.

Aside from the size, the quality (for a phone) isn't bad (low res (...)

A brief shout out [news]

01/19/2014 | Categories:

So I've been mulling what to do with this little web log section (it's built into Zen Photo which is what runs the galleries/albums).  One thing I don't think I've done yet is give a small shout out to the Nikon D3100 (full name is "Nikon D3100,D3200,D5100,D5200,D7000,D7100 & open to all.") group on flickr that I joined.   I've posted and read threads in (...)

Subredditor [news]

10/15/2013 | Categories:

So with the ability to group subreddits here's a few on photography related items I threw together.  Don't let the use of pδrn in the section names there scare you if you're browsing at work.

In this context it's just a euphemism for the desirability of the subject matter which isn't actually pδrn (e.g. "landscapepδrn" is just really amazing photo (...)

First Post! [news]

09/02/2013 | Categories:

So this will be the inaugural post for my attempt at keeping up a running photography blog.  Figured I'd keep it to informative and interesting posts about photography for the nonce.

Since I started with my Kodak Z1012 IS and then later upgraded to my Nikon D3100 I've learned alot about photography and hopefully improved my skills as well.  First here's a (bad) image of my current Nikon gear taken with my old Kodak Z (black and white to hide just how horrible the sensor on that (...)