More photo's, this time of Blue Hills. [news]

06/17/2013 | Categories:

Another hiking trip to Blue Hills and some very nice results I say.  Album

Added photo's of a recent hike back in Rocky Woods. [news]

06/16/2013 | Categories:

Did some post work on them and uploaded to Rocky Woods album.

"Processing the Process" more attempts at post processing and HDR. [news]

06/14/2013 | Categories:

Added some more of my efforts at going back and doing more work post processing my images via the raws.  "Processing the Process"

HDR and Noon Hill. [news]

06/09/2013 | Categories:

Added photos that I've applied some post-processing to as well as HDR, as well as some from a recent hike to Noon Hill Jess and I went on.


Updated with Flora and Fauna images. [news]

06/02/2013 | Categories:

Basically added some photo's I've taken over the last month or two of various flowers and animals in various places.

New folder for Spring [news]

04/28/2013 | Categories:

Added some images of a Spring theme, flowers mainly.  They are such wonderful models because like a still life they're well.. still.  Cool

Added images of Loki and our little Eve. [news]

04/27/2013 | Categories:

I've just uploaded some images of Eve and Loki to the gallery.  Should also be adding images to the Nature folder at some point, or just creating a new one titled Spring, not sure.