I'm terrible at updating, and titles. [news]

01/16/2016 | Categories:

So I know I'm terrible at updating the site and updating this 'blog' as it were but generally I only really want to post when I've got good content really so sometimes I spend days agonizing in post about "does this look right?" or "were these the colors I saw?"


I've been having some issues with horizon lineups BUT I believe it's due to me using back button focus on the AE/Lock button instead of the shutter release.  My thumb being there poking me in the forehead is causing (...)

Album for August. [news]

09/01/2013 | Categories:

Created a brief collection of the various photo's I took over August and a few from Sept 1st as well.  No major day trips yet but with King Richard's Faire here, there will hopefully be one soon.  I'm also planning on hopefully making this more of a web log of the site and do more photography related posts for this page.

Pond skimming. [news]

07/22/2013 | Categories:

Took a short trip to Houghton's Pond on Sunday after the heat wave broke.  These are the results.

Pond Life

Backyard Shenanigans [news]

07/13/2013 | Categories:

Not really just a couple quick photo's from the backyard today, nothing hugely spectacular just Bunny and some florals.
Backyard Day

Also a few shots from Cutler Park in Needham taken last week.  Used both my UV and CP (Circular Polarizing) filters so I think they turned out ok but a little wonky on the bokeh in a few.

July 4th Parade and Bird Park [news]

07/07/2013 | Categories:

Added photos from both the 4th of July Parade in Norwood this week as well as from another day hike at Bird Park we took today.

4th Parade
Bird Park

More photo's from Bird Park [news]

06/30/2013 | Categories:

Jess and I killed an afternoon at Bird Park again, and yet again my Blue Heron friend did not disappoint in the photography oppurtunities.

Bird Park June 30th

Back to Minuteman [news]

06/30/2013 | Categories:

Added photo's from our recent June 29th trip back to Minuteman National Park for a colonial music presentation and some hiking. "Music of the Militia"

Minute Man Park [news]

06/22/2013 | Categories:

Jess and I went to Minute Man National Park in Lexington again, our first summer trip.  Minuteman Park

More photo's, this time of Blue Hills. [news]

06/17/2013 | Categories:

Another hiking trip to Blue Hills and some very nice results I say.  Album

Added photo's of a recent hike back in Rocky Woods. [news]

06/16/2013 | Categories:

Did some post work on them and uploaded to Rocky Woods album.