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01/19/2014 | Categories:

So I've been mulling what to do with this little web log section (it's built into Zen Photo which is what runs the galleries/albums).  One thing I don't think I've done yet is give a small shout out to the Nikon D3100 (full name is "Nikon D3100,D3200,D5100,D5200,D7000,D7100 & open to all.") group on flickr that I joined.   I've posted and read threads in there, added and liked photo's and its really helped me come along in my photography a great deal.


In general I think Flickr and this site by forcing me to both just get out there and shoot while also getting the good stuff from those times out there more often has helped over all.  Anyway that's your web journal update for this week/month or what have you at least until I've got more to add.

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