41 Megapixels, but does it work.

04/20/2014 | Categories:

So for work I received a Nokia Lumia 1020 (yes it's the yellow one), you know the one with the '41MP' (round) sensor.  So far I've taken a few shots with it but have not really mucked with the large format files. You have to use the built in Nokia camera app to have it take one, it creates a basic 10mp jpg and a super huge 7000/4000 'hi res' jpg as well.

Aside from the size, the quality (for a phone) isn't bad (low res example) but it's definitely not a replacement for my entry level DSLR at this point.  Though it's much better quality than my 3MP 'potato quality' personal phone.

I do have to say the more I use Windows phone 8 on it the more I'm coming to love that OS, beats Android in my opinion, it just needs more apps to give it a good feature set.  Here's to 9 (PC) having more options for touch screens because if MS follows form, 9 will be all the good parts of 8 with all the bad parts fixed.


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