Back to Minuteman [news]

06/30/2013 | Categories:

Added photo's from our recent June 29th trip back to Minuteman National Park for a colonial music presentation and some hiking. "Music of the Militia"

Minute Man Park [news]

06/22/2013 | Categories:

Jess and I went to Minute Man National Park in Lexington again, our first summer trip.  Minuteman Park

More photo's, this time of Blue Hills. [news]

06/17/2013 | Categories:

Another hiking trip to Blue Hills and some very nice results I say.  Album

Added photo's of a recent hike back in Rocky Woods. [news]

06/16/2013 | Categories:

Did some post work on them and uploaded to Rocky Woods album.

"Processing the Process" more attempts at post processing and HDR. [news]

06/14/2013 | Categories:

Added some more of my efforts at going back and doing more work post processing my images via the raws.  "Processing the Process"

HDR and Noon Hill. [news]

06/09/2013 | Categories:

Added photos that I've applied some post-processing to as well as HDR, as well as some from a recent hike to Noon Hill Jess and I went on.


Updated with Flora and Fauna images. [news]

06/02/2013 | Categories:

Basically added some photo's I've taken over the last month or two of various flowers and animals in various places.

Site navigation revamp. [news]

04/28/2013 | Categories:

Along with a site appearence revamp I've also redone the navigation on the main page of the site as well as started to utilize these news pages as well as the image archive that Zenphoto has.

New folder for Spring [news]

04/28/2013 | Categories:

Added some images of a Spring theme, flowers mainly.  They are such wonderful models because like a still life they're well.. still.  Cool

Added images of Loki and our little Eve. [news]

04/27/2013 | Categories:

I've just uploaded some images of Eve and Loki to the gallery.  Should also be adding images to the Nature folder at some point, or just creating a new one titled Spring, not sure.