Subredditor [news]

10/15/2013 | Categories:

So with the ability to group subreddits here's a few on photography related items I threw together.  Don't let the use of pδrn in the section names there scare you if you're browsing at work.

In this context it's just a euphemism for the desirability of the subject matter which isn't actually pδrn (e.g. "landscapepδrn" is just really amazing photo (...)

Snark it up a bit. [news]

09/10/2013 | Categories:

I'm not a paid photographer but I did get a chuckle about these.
Image of A Poster for Photographers (...)

For Canon users but applies to any budget photographer really. [news]

09/04/2013 | Categories:

Came across this linked on Reddit, about how to spot a fake hot-shoe flash (Canon).  Buyer beware indeed, even though I shoot Nikon, I figured it's a handy overall guide for anyone looking to buy any product online.

First Post! [news]

09/02/2013 | Categories:

So this will be the inaugural post for my attempt at keeping up a running photography blog.  Figured I'd keep it to informative and interesting posts about photography for the nonce.

Since I started with my Kodak Z1012 IS and then later upgraded to my Nikon D3100 I've learned alot about photography and hopefully improved my skills as well.  First here's a (bad) image of my current Nikon gear taken with my old Kodak Z (black and white to hide just how horrible the sensor on that (...)

Album for August. [news]

09/01/2013 | Categories:

Created a brief collection of the various photo's I took over August and a few from Sept 1st as well.  No major day trips yet but with King Richard's Faire here, there will hopefully be one soon.  I'm also planning on hopefully making this more of a web log of the site and do more photography related posts for this page.

Site revamp part deux. [news]

09/01/2013 | Categories:

Have gone over the main page layout a bit and design, added a link to my Flickr 'badge' as well.

Pond skimming. [news]

07/22/2013 | Categories:

Took a short trip to Houghton's Pond on Sunday after the heat wave broke.  These are the results.

Pond Life

Backyard Shenanigans [news]

07/13/2013 | Categories:

Not really just a couple quick photo's from the backyard today, nothing hugely spectacular just Bunny and some florals.
Backyard Day

Also a few shots from Cutler Park in Needham taken last week.  Used both my UV and CP (Circular Polarizing) filters so I think they turned out ok but a little wonky on the bokeh in a few.

July 4th Parade and Bird Park [news]

07/07/2013 | Categories:

Added photos from both the 4th of July Parade in Norwood this week as well as from another day hike at Bird Park we took today.

4th Parade
Bird Park

More photo's from Bird Park [news]

06/30/2013 | Categories:

Jess and I killed an afternoon at Bird Park again, and yet again my Blue Heron friend did not disappoint in the photography oppurtunities.

Bird Park June 30th