Archived Site News:

March 14th 2016:

Another group of the last few weekend trips, Blue Hills, Bird and Plymouth. Got a nice set of photos of the little red fox at the Trailside museum that I'm rather pleased with how they turned out.

March 8th 2016:

Last few weeks of day trips, Cape, Minuteman and Salem. Can't wait for Spring to finally arrive.

February 24th 2016:

Group of shots from Cape Cod to Rocky Woods and Stony Brook I took these past few weekends while trying to get out in the Winter and shoot more.

February 12th 2016:

Sunday we took a swing over to Concord/Lincoln to hike about at Minuteman National Park to kill some Winter blues. Results are up here and on Flickr.

February 5th 2016:

Jess and I took a walk downtown during today's storm. As the results were pleasant (though the temp's weren't) I figured I'd upload the results.

January 31st 2016:

Catch up upload this week. Cape from a few weeks ago, Bird and also Broadmoor trip. Also a new look and a new link for the site, details on the log page.

January 16th 2016:

It's been awhile, I know. Winter tends to keep me indoors more than I'd like but here's shots from December and January, most from Cape Cod as we made quite a few day trips there these past two months.

November 9th 2015:

Fall so far, as well as this years trips to King Richard's Faire all in one giant upload. More to follow in coming days but this is it for now.

September 19th 2015:

I've fallen way behind in post, and finally am getting out of the hole I dug myself in that regard. So here is Summer 2015 minus some trips to Cutler that I never bothered to edit.

June 2nd 2015:

So April and May have come and gone, and I didn't think I had much to show for it. But realized I was just being lazy. Also I've upgraded the camera. From now on I'm shooting with an amazing D7000 I picked up used (details in the site news log).

April 9th 2014 :
Winter is finally releasing the state, and I've been able to get out more over March and this early part of April. Results of early Spring shoots are up.

February 7th 2015 :
So Winter's been keeping me local, very local. Uploading some results of walking about downtown during and after our most recent snow storms. Attempted to use the period to practice with my 50mm and black and white as well.

January 18th 2015 :
So far the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015 and my work to date. Mostly Bird, Cutler, and some holiday items.

December 14th 2014 :
I've been stepping out less only due to weather, but here's November into December, Bird and Stony Brook mainly.

November 19th 2014 :
It's been cold lately, got out to Bird for a bit of late fall photos. Surprisingly still some beauty of the season to be found, even if it does feel lonely like everything is going to sleep.

October 26th 2014 :
Domain renewed, gotten into a monthly update cycle, lets me gather more work before posting. This one's mainly fall at Cutler and Bird over October, and also the times this season of King Richard's Faire that Jess and I went as a batch upload.

October 6th 2014 :
So this is September's work up until the past weekend at Cutler, Bird, Stony Brook and Minuteman. Fall is arriving and looking pretty, if only the warmth could stay.

September 17th 2014 :
Jess and I moved at the beginning of September so I've been backlogged in photo's, this is the end of August, mainly Cutler Park, Bird Park, Stony Brook and the Cranberry Bog Trail at Gillette Stadium. I figured it was just easier to bundle all the last of Augusst photos in one lump upload.

August 21st 2014 :
Last two weeks of photos are up, Bird, Stony and Cutler stuff. Fall approaches and so do the lovely colors.

August 13th 2014 :
Finished post on photos from last weekends walk through Stony Brook with Jess. Giant swallowtailed butterfly landed in the aptly named butterfly garden. I could photograph nothing but those for the rest of my life and never be bored.

August 9th 2014 :
More results of this month so far and possibly a few from the tail end of July. Stony Brook, Bird and Cutler again. I hike every day now and though I've been to Bird and Cutler numerous times I always seem to find something interesting to shoot.

July 30th 2014 :
In my efforts to be more active (physically as well as photographically) I've managed a nature walk shoot every day so far from last Thursday onward. Cutler several times, Bird once, and now Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary as well, results are up in the galleries.

July 22nd 2014 :
Bird Park, one of a handful of places I've gone multiple times, each time complaining I won't find anything new to photograph, yet somehow I do. Results from Sunday's double trip.

July 18th 2014 :
Collection of shots taken so far in July at Cutler Park. I've been doing an exercise/nature walk there at least once a week to try to get more in shape and dragging the kit and kaboodle (camera) along helps me stay in practice too. On a related note, I managed to find a brown squirrel in a tree and get his or her portrait. I admit to originally thinking I was seeing some sort of freakishly large chipmunk until I recognized it as it got closer.

July 16th 2014 :
Just a quick log blurb about the site revamp nothing spectacular.

July 15th 2014 :
Took a pair of walks through Bird Park on Sunday trying to keep up with the wife on the first one and a second at or near 'golden hour' towards sunset. Results in the albums also surprise Delorean.

July 11th 2014 :
Quite a few photos this time, I slacked off on posting and post processing my photos from June at various places and also this Sunday Jess and I made a day trip back up to Minuteman National Park so those are in this as well.

June 9th 2014 :
Over the weekend Jess and I went to both Bird again but also found a new place to hike as well a little further north. Audubon apparently has a sanctuary in Natick called Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary and it's really lovely. Going to go back for another trip as soon as possible.

June 3rd 2014 :
Two uploads, one a smattering of the shots taken on my various attempts to continue to mix exercise and photography. Cutler, Bird and Rocky Woods basically. Also some added photo/portrait attempts of Jess that turned out amazing.

May 25th 2014 :
Some shots from a couple nature walks, (Cutler and Bird Park) and today's run up Blue Hills with Jess.

May 20th 2014 :
Quite a few updates, several family photo's of the Geese families at the park again (this time there were two, with seven little ones total). Also some filtered photos of Jess that I took and edited for fun. Third upload are some macro and other shots of the spring flora at the park as well. Lastly there are some more recent photo's of Wally and Eve plus a few of the new faces at Bay State Animal Coop's adoption center. Enjoy!

May 12th 2014 :
Bird Park again, this past Saturday, met a family of Geese with newborns and had a few nice shots as a result.

April 25th 2014 :
Took a quick walk through Cutler Park up in Needham after work, and I'm very happy with the results.

April 20th 2014 :
Managed to get some photo's of Spring making its appearance finally. Also some details on the camera phone front.

March 22nd 2014 :
Winter finally slackens a bit, managed to get some time to go on a duck hunt (photo hunt not actual hunt) at the ol park again.
If the background looks familiar it's because it is, I took an alternate angle of this structure, and ran it through some tonemapping/HDR steps and like the results.

February 23rd 2014 :
Took a bit of an exercise hike about Noon Hill and Bird Park today, not much fauna but some interesting flora anyway.

February 17th 2014 :
Winter has kept me locked in a bit but I did manage to get out yesterday and got some nice water fowl and a muskrat of all things in a day outing to Bird park again.

January 26th 2014 :
Quick group of older photo's from various times that I've gone back and done some added filtering and post processing on to see what results I cold achieve. With the winter months keeping me inside more often than not, I've been trying to dig deeper on my post processing a bit. Also, bonus cat pictures, I swear I'm little Eve and Wally's personal hooman photographer...

January 19th 2014 :
So Wally went in for his neutering surgery at the vets and it turned out our little boy kitty was a little girl kitty and had to be spayed instead. Funny as all heck, she's not confused by any of it and so we continue to call her Wally regardless and we love her just the same.
This weeks upload is two-fold, first there's a set of photos I've taken of Wally and Eve as they navigate through being a two cat family instead of just a one cat family, as well as some of the outdoor works over the past few weeks, some from the backyard after Hercules dumped about a foot and a half or so of snow on us. Some of the January full moon as it had an amazing rendezvous with Jupiter (I believe) as well as a passing jet.
Lastly are photo's from a walk through Bird park again just to get back into the swing of going out and shooting on the fly outdoors since the weather's kept me from venturing too far these last few months. Let me tell you I need photographer's gloves badly (the ones with the removeable fingers, it was chilly today with the wind that picked up while I was out there.

January 2nd 2014 :
Okay so this update is to call some attention to some very wonderful kitties that need good forever homes. Bay State Animal Cooperative have allowed Jess and I to adopt both Eve and now (for their first adoption of the new year no less) Martin, whom we've decided to name Wally (as in "Eva and WallE" from the movie, pics of our new little guy to follow soon).
But there's still several lovely cats waiting for homes, and if you have room in your heart for a new companion I'd ask you to take a look.

I'm uploading some photo's I took at their adoption center at Petco in Norwood recently to call attention to these cute cats waiting on adoptions.

These were originally uploaded to FB first (here) but here they are as well in better resolution.

So a new year, a new kitten, so here's to 2014! If there's one resolution I'd like to stick to this time around, it's getting more photo's out and updating the site more often as well.

November 17th 2013 :
Uploaded a few groups of pictures, some taken from some Bird Park for the last of the foliage, some macro mode on the 70/300mm and lastly today's testing with the 50mm 1.8d lens. Basically a mish-mash of photo's taken over the last month or so.

October 23rd 2013 :
Finally got through post-process on the photo's from our final trip of the 2013 season to King Richard's Faire (link). The final day is always a bit of a sad day but we had a great time and I hope the pictures give you an idea of how much we love going.

October 19th 2013 :
Quick post about the new body and lense announced by Nikon up in the site news log.

October 14th 2013 :
Have a few uploads tonight. First some photo's taken from our two subsequent trips to King Richards Faire, then some general foliage shots of the trees and the actual Harvest Moon back in September. No major posts in the 'blog' area. (You know, I for some reason hate that term, let's just call it a site log or even web log like we used to, have we all become that functionally speech lazy we can't say two words in a row for pete's sake?)

September 9th 2013 :
Jess and I made our first trip of 2013 out to King Richard's Faire, took about 200+ shots, managed to winnow it down to about 35 good ones after post processing, results up in the albums page.

September 6th 2013 :
So another minor update, inlcuding a brief post about how to spot a fake off camera flash. As to the photo's they're mainly just some other photos from August that I missed, this time from Rocky Woods again but also Crescent Ridge Dairy over in Canton.

September 2nd 2013 :
First post ever in my new(ish) photography blog, it can be found at this page if you're interested. Probably a slow weak start but I hope to expand on the idea of it and its usefulness. Comments welcome!

September 1st 2013 :
Never really took any significant trips through August, just various mini photo-shoots here and there. This album is just a compliation of those. I'm also going to try to better develop the site layout as well to clean it up a bit code-wise but also add some more functions that are useful, I hope. Along with the site revamping I'm also hoping in the near future to just turn this page into a (more active) blog as well hopefully to post there fairly often with things I learn, try etc.

July 22nd 2013 :
Went to Houghton's Pond up by Blue Hills on Sunday, shot some great images of the lily pads and flowers while there. Will also be uploading some photos taken later in town at the concert on the common most likely. Pond images are in the gallery though.

July 13th 2013 :
Uploaded some photos taken in the backyard today, as well as from Cutler Park in Needham on a short day hike we took last week.

July 7th 2013:
Another hike to Bird Park in Walpole, this time to a different section of the park. Just a way to get out and take some photo's and try to beat the heat a bit.

July 6th 2013:
Made it to about the second third of this years July 4th Parade. Out of the 820 photo's taken these were the ones I felt were the best. Uploaded to the albums gallery.

June 30th 2013 (later):
Jess and I made a return visit to Bird Park in E. Walpole to walk around, bird watch and just take in the sights. Again my Blue Heron friend did not disappoint and I was able to get within feet of her for some photo's. Also found the most photogenic dragon-fly ever, seriously this time!

June 30th 2013:
Jess and I went with her parents to Minuteman National Park again to hike and have lunch but also to go to a music program presented and performed by Laura Asson a park volunteer/intern regarding colonial music (link). It's scheduled for multiple dates and I definitely think we're going back as it was a great time, I'd also definitely recommend it. Photo's from the trip are up in the galleries.

June 23rd 2013:
Added more of my results from going back over the raw versions of my photo's and applying post processing and/or HDR to them. Also borrowed a snip of my own Flickr photo wall as the new site background.

June 22nd 2013:
Jess and I went back to Minute Man National Park for a day hike, uploaded results in the galleries.

June 17th 2013:
Yet another day of hiking, this time back to Blue Hills. Did manage to take some very nice photo's the results of which have been added to the gallery (link below).

June 16th 2013:
Jess and I hiked Rocky Woods again, after doing some finishing post work on the photo's added the gallery. Also updated the processing the process gallery, apparently the downsized copies we're not in the folder at upload, might explain why they take so long to display as they were fairly large until now.

June 14th 2013:
I've been taking a more active pass through my raw files from previous photo's and applying either some minor post processing and also some more HDR effects. Along with the other gallery relating to HDR these are some of the more recent results.

June 9th 2013 (Later):
Jess and I took a walk in the park today, and happened across a family of ducks, geese, a large snapping turtle and a great blue heron.

June 9th 2013:
Added some of my attempts at post processing and HDR as well as some from Jess and I hiking around Noon Hill here.

June 8th 2013:
Mainly just popping in to add the Flickr badge to the About page and let you know that I've been using it (Flickr) a little more often lately since the updates made to it. Generally just items that I don't mind putting out in a more 'public' space/manner.

June 1st 2013:
Two new folders Flora, and Fauna or basically some more of my picutres of the flowers in the general area, and then some animal and insect photo's as well. Most taken in our backyard but also other general places.  The animals (with the exception of Mr. Baby Bunny from our backyard) and some of the plant photos were taken at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum in Milton MA and some of the insect and flowers also were taken at Rocky Woods in Medfield MA.

Some updates as well were made to Flickr so I began uploading more there as well. (My Flickr page.)

I do keep trying to update more often but generally I fall back to updating the site roughly monthly it seems which fits in with allowing me to get out and take more pictures worth sharing. Typically what I upload to Facebook, Flickr et al are just to share them that much more quickly with friends and family.

April 28th 2013:
Added photos to a Spring folder, as well as the Loki and Eve images. Revamped the navigation somewhat as well to make things a little faster to load with less Jscript overhead and more natural links/page loading.

April 27th 2013:
Things have been unimaginably difficult these last two months. In March we lost our cat Loki to heart troubles, but in the depths of that we met and adopted Eve through Bay State Animal Cooprative (a no-kill shelter that hosts adoptions at Petco in Norwood). She's a little shelter kitten of about six months that is finding her new forever home a happy place, and because of her being in our lives our loss of Loki (who was with me for thirteen years) was somewhat lessened.

Then April came and the Boston Marathon bombings. I should have done something sooner about recognizing that on this site and Facebook somewhat more, but have not really had the heart to update the site since March. This new background is taken from a skyline photo I took at Pax East in 2012, and the gradient is the colors of the Boston Athletic Association. If you have not yet be sure to visit the One Fund site as well and donate (linked on the BAA site).

I'm hoping to post photos of both Loki as a memorial page and Eve as a celebratory page in the coming days but for now just edited and added the background image and updated this page. (Background image can be viewed fully here and there's an alternate timeline cover photo version on my Facebook page as well.)

February 9th 2013:
Well in the process of being snowed in I took a run through the photo gallery, specifcally its themes and managed to customize another one to a way I like. Feedback always welcome!

February 8th 2013:
With hopes of an early Spring somewhat dashed by our new friend "Nemo" the blizzard, I've decided to upload some Winter images to remind myself that sometimes it can be pretty. Even when a 'blizzard of historic proportions' is bearing down on us here in New England.

February 2nd 2013:
So according to our groundhog friend in Philly, we're due for an early Spring. In honor of that I've gotten around to yet another update for Spring... photo's of Fenway Park. I attented the open house they had last year and have had these kicking around so decided to upload some of my favorites. Here's to the return of Spring and Spring Training and Opening Day! I'm not much of a baseball fan(atic) but Fenway has such deep history and it literally has to be the most photogenic sports related arena I can think of.

December 28th 2012:
Added more yuletide like images to the holidays album, changed the background again to a more wintry theme since Christmas is passed. The new images are taken this year on Christmas Day. Will try to add other albums as well today or soon.

December 21st 2012:
Updated the background for a more holiday like theme and added photos of a Yuletide theme as well.

December 8th 2012:
Updated ZenPhoto to and redid my customizations, changed background and I'll be uploading more photo's later today.

November 11th 2012:
Having way to much fun passing my images through FotoSketcher and CameraBag 2, so I added a few examples to their own gallery titled "Filtered For Effect".

November 11th 2012:
Managed to somehow choose only 78 of my 1000+ photos taken at King Richards Faire. Jess and I go there alot, as the place has special meaning for us (it is where I proposed to her after all) so I have several thousand other photos to eventually pour through and choose.

November 4th 2012:
Uploaded some of my architectural themed photos, titled the album placesandspaces since some aren't really buildings persay just nice interior or exterior spaces relating to them.

October 28th 2012:
Well the site is pretty much up and functional and where I want it in terms of general layout and themes. Hopefully now that the heavy construction tasks are over I can begin uploading photos. For those interested, site hosing is by Laughing Squid and at around $8 a month is reasonable. I've got the photo CRM (ZenPhoto) about where I want it in terms of layout and design so all that's left to do now is get it some content to churn through.